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Do you remember those days when you and your partner are enjoying every single moment of time? Life seems beautiful, happy and romatic. However, time passes and the relationship goes stale. More often than not, couples do not get the fantastical fairy tale story ending.

fairy tale love


The truth is every fairy tale has a plot, which means relationship will go through dips and troughs. Couples have to understand that when relationship goes stale, it doesn’t mean that love has gone or died away. Love requires continuous and fresh input from both partners. Just like water and air, everyone needs it. BUT REMEMBER LOVE IS ALWAYS THERE!

love in the air


How to get fresh input?

There are two ways to get around with this issue. The first method is ‘to go back to go forward’. Needless to say, all couples have their sweetest moment. (eg. The first time they met, the first time they hug and kiss, the first time you propose) So, try revisiting these places. Make these old memories into fresh inputs. Making these efforts will definitely rekindle the relationship and remind us why we get together in the first place.



The second method is obvious!! Don’t stop dating. Try paying attention to the details and give some surprises to your partner. Afterall, who doesn’t like surprises?


-Cook a special meal that your partner likes.

-Buy something for your partner.

-Make your partner feels that he / she is special

-Try something new that both of you can have interactions. (eg. Cook together, go hiking together, play games together) P.S. depending on interest


If you are not sure of what else you can do, try playing this ios app called ‘Whack or Love’ with your partner. It is fun and supports multiplayer. Above all, the remarks available are really the essence of this game.

1) Be the first one to apologize. You might win the fight but you may lose a promising relationship. Go and tell her how much you love her. (or him)



2) Do house chores for your partner. Everyone loves to stay in a clean and tidy space.



3) Send some romantic messages to him. Can’t think of any? Just play one game.

love remarks example

love remarks (whack or love)


4) Play Whack or love with your partner!! 😉

multiplayer/challenge-whack or love

Interested? Download whack or love here free. Compatible with iPhone and iPod.

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