How a nerd makes his first app?

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    I grew up in a lovely family and spent most of my time doing gardening, playing with butterflies and dragonflies during my childhood. I have even tried rearing a caterpillar! To me, life was simple then. Maybe that explains why I never had any passion or interest in games. To me, gaming is like a virtual world, which makes human to neglect the real people surrounding them. (controversial, I know!) Therefore, I am always a nerd to my friends.


nerd alert


    Being a nerd doesn’t mean I’m a bookworm. I love to explore different stuff and watch Ted talks. And this was how I got to know a boy called Thomas Suarez. He was a 12 years old boy back then but had developed several apps already. His age and talent really struck me. Being an engineering student, I know how complicated programming codes can be and it is almost like learning a new language. But he made it!


bustin jieber

    He made an app called ‘Bustin Jieber’,which is ‘Justin Bieber’s Whac-a-mole’. I was intrigued by the idea and thought, ‘ Wait a sec, why limit this to Justin Bieber, you should be able to whack anyone you want to!’ And that’s how I got my inspiration for my app called ‘Whack Or Love’. Same idea but you get to whack or love anyone you want to!


game play


    However, deep down in my heart, I have doubts about making this app. I want something different, I want a game that connects people with real identities and not just virtual characters and names. So, I added the multiplayer feature to my game. In other words, you’ll get to whack or love opponent’s profile pic and vice versa.




    Of course, it is always easier to be said than done. For the coming months, it was terrific and stressful to me. While developing the app with a talented developer, I had to work on my uni’s final year project. I spent restless night to make the game as perfect as possible. It was really hard to juggle my time. At one point, I felt like chickening out and just admit failure. However, I knew good things only come to those who work their asses off and never give up! Finally, my hard work paid off. I launched my app and obtained first class honours in University College London (UCL).


final year project

My final year project

    Up till now, these memories are still fresh to me! Perhaps, one message that a nerd like me hopes to deliver would be ‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to TRY! ‘And this is the story of how I made my first app. Not particularly successful yet hopefully motivating. 


Watch how you take revenge to a jerk:


Demo for my app:


  1. Koen

    Funny game! Love this!!! I just downloaded and whacked my friend…lol

  2. Bradley

    Inspiring story!! 🙂 Keep it up!!

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