1. Mole Customisation

customized mole (whack or love)

Besides the built-in moles, you get to customise the mole by yourself. This means that you can whack or love anyone you want to. And what’s more, it is absolutely free to do that!!!


2. Multiple Game Modes

multiplayer/challenge-whack or loveThe love and whack version of challenge mode

There are 3 game modes in total, namely Classic, Time war and Challenge. Classic mode is to beat the target score, whereas Time war mode is a race against time. The mind-blowing bit is the CHALLENGE mode, which supports two players to play with each other. You will get to hit/love your opponent’s profile picture and vice versa. The FIRST EVER APP that allows that!!!


3. End Remarks

whack or love remarks

There are a whole range of different remarks that you can get for each level. All of which are different and surprising!!!

whack remarks (whack or love)

love remarks (whack or love)